Our Best Guides

Tour guide is an important element lead to the success of a holiday. Tour guide is not only an interpreter but also is an ambassador for his/her country and culture. All of our guides are knowledgeable, mature, flexible and most important; all of them are licensed by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Here at Vietnam Tour Guides – we use local-stationed guides as they’re expert in their homeland, history, culture and people. Following are some of our best guides in Vietnam and our neighboring countries, please feel free to ask me if you want to have him/her for your tour, we will check their rooster and let you know.

In Northern Vietnam:

Mr. Dao Manh Truong (Joe)

Mr. Truong was an excellent and attentive guide. We enjoyed his company and found him very knowledgeable. It is always a little sad to say goodbye (Mrs. Marion Barter and Mr. Charles Barter) – Travelled in Oct – Nov, 2010)

We were delighted with Mr Truong and his wife Le Lan, ( a lovely lady who met us at the airport and helped Bob when his suitcase went astray.) He was very helpful and friendly, with excellent knowledge of all the places he took us to. We found all the craft villages he took us to very interesting and insightful: they gave us a glimpse of the ‘real’ Vietnam. We also really enjoyed our bicycle ride with him. (Mrs. Barbara Cake & Group) – Travelled in March, 2011

Mr. Truong – Joe – as he called himself – was the best of all guides. He gave good explanations and had always a little story or joke to tell. He took good care – as you know – of our issue with the hotel in Hanoi and we had a good trip and replacement night at the Legend hotel in Ninh Binh. (Mr. Erich Weber & Group) – Travelled in March, 2012

Mr Truong (Joe): knowledgeable, friendly, went out of his way to show us interesting sights; made good choices for schedule changes when appropriate; found a much better biking route for us near the ancient capital; lots of interesting stories – funny & insightful; overall – very good job (Mr. Alan Steed and Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Mr. Truong (Joe): Informative and knowledgeable about the country, history, and facts. Great sense of humor. Flexible about the schedule and adjusted some of the itinerary to work better with our schedule. Very professional and we enjoyed having him as our guide. (Ms. Laura Kim and Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Mr. Truong (Joe) Oh Joe….Our favourite, what a treasure and wonderful company. He is to be our guest in Australia for as long as he and his family wish…Love this Man! (Ms. Jennifer Jones & family) – Travelled in Oct, 2012

Mr. Nguyen The Anh

Mr. The Anh: Wonderful, very informative and gave us an inside look at life in the north. It was great to talk and learn about the culture and life style differences. We really felt that being able to talk one and one and have all our questions answered gave us a special trip that most people would never experience. (Mr. Marc Wernli & Mrs. Angie Wernli) – Travelled Nov, 2010

Mr. The Anh very knowledgeable, very patient in repeating things we did not understand the first time around. Good in finding little places to eat for B or L when not included in the program. He is very personable and easy to get along with. We liked him a lot. He was very accommodating to our wishes especially when finding places to walk, talk to locals and minorities and find good places for local fabrics that Sabina likes so much. (Mr. Werner Raab & Mrs. Sabina Raab) – Travelled in Dec, 2010

Mr. The Anh: EXCELLENT 1) very sophisticated language skills- understood complex vocabulary and ideas in a second language, good accent, very understandable; 2) a very intelligent man who explained things to us clearly and well, answered all questions thoroughly, and had a current awareness of comparative economics of his own and other countries- clearly keeps up on current events; 3) flexible when he got to know us; 4) in tune with situations- so even when he had not eaten lunch and was hungry, he stayed with us in the singing village since he realized (without being asked) that we would not understand the songs or their introductions unless he served as translator. 5) Very honest when asked HIS opinion of things and his life experiences; 6) good sense of humor (Ms. Marcy Levinson & Mr. Robert Kaschak) – Travelled in January, 2011

Mr. The Anh: Very good guide with very good English and knowledge about what we were seeing and the area in general. We enjoyed being shown around by him and the driver was also very good. (Ms. Glynis Rosemary Davies & Mr. Diderik Christian Schonheyder) – Travelled in Jan, 2013

In Central Vietnam:
Mr. Phan Van Vinh

Mr. Vinh: Excellent. Explained so much to us and his English was perfect. He managed to squeeze in as many sites as possible and insisted we would have time for lunch. We were sure we would be cutting it too close but he managed to get us back to the ship at 3:20 PM (had to be back by 3:30 PM). The ship’s buses did not get back until after 4 PM! The restaurant was waiting for us and they started bringing food right after we sat down. It was wonderful. (Mrs. Marian Lowenfish and Group) – Travelled in Feb, 2012

Mr. Vinh is a credit to his profession. He is the most professional, well versed guide I could ever imagine. You are lucky to have him on your team and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone I know. (Mrs. Patricia Cushing) – Travelled in June, 2012

Mr. Vinh is very enthusiastic, warm; very helpful – for example, he took Jo to the pharmacy and helped her get appropriate medicine and also assisted all of us with having laundry done locally in Hue; helped us understand more about the local culture (Mr. Alan Steed and Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Mr. Vinh: He had lots of enthusiasm and energy. Knew the countryside area quite well. The Coconut Tours visit outside of Hoi An was the most memorable. (Ms. Laura Kim and Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quoc

Mr. Quoc was excellent, very accommodating and flexible. Made suggestions for our laundry and advised us about the local culture and customs. He helped me a lot with getting better from my cold also, suggesting food and drink that would help. He even checked in our behalf at the airport. (Ms. Grimmer & Mr. Mansfield) – Travelled in March, 2010

Mr. Quoc is another excellent guide with vast knowledge of the area and the history which we appreciated as we did not know about it before. He is a very nice man and we enjoyed having him as a guide. The driver was again very good. (Ms. Rosemary Davies & Mr. Diderik Schonheyder) – Travelled in Jan, 2013

Mr. Nguyen Anh Co

Mr Anh Co was a very professional guide. He had an excellent command of English and was amusing and informative. We did not get our boat trip on the Perfume River at Hue which was a shame but otherwise he was good. His organisational skills were first class. He started early and finished early. 4+/5. I would use him again. (David Jeffery & Group) – Travelled in April, 2012

In Southern Vietnam:
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Huan (Phillip)

Mr. Huan (Phillip) ALMOST EXCELLENT- 1) Philip was attentive and interesting; 2) He picked up on signals from us when we were miserable at the tunnels and helped us leave as quickly as possible; 3) He took us out for Vietnamese lunch so we could experience a taste treat and tried to pay for himself (which we refused) providing an additional interesting activity; 4) He was interesting and knowledgeable. (Ms. Marcy Levinson & Mr. Robert Kaschak) – Travelled in January, 2011

Mr Huan gave us really good advice in the markets and went out of his way to help us buy Vietnamese coffee and a particular CD I wanted. He had a great sense of humour and was a very positive and happy person and we really enjoyed his company. He was patient in explaining Vietnamese customs and gave us a particularly fantastic day on the Mekong, seeing the floating markets. He made excellent suggestions for food when we were out for lunch. (Mrs. Barbara Cake & Group) – Travelled in March, 2011

Phillip – Thank you again for everything you did for us, making our visit to Vietnam and truly memorable one. We all keep bringing it up still today and it was a truly amazing experience for the kids. He was an excellent guide and the kids really enjoyed the time spent with him. (Mr. Christophe Hervieu & Family) – Travelled in April, 2011

Mr. Bui Huy Hai

Mr. Hai has a great sense of humour and very knowledgeable. Many stories of life in cultural central Vietnam. (Mr. Marc Wernli & Mrs. Angie Wernli) – Travelled Nov, 2010

Hai was extremely knowledgeable and shared the history of his country. His English was best of all the guides but he was still willing to learn new colloquialisms. He wanted to give us the best options during his time with us i.e. 5.30 a.m. to see the floating market at its best in the Mekong Delta and recommended great food in Can Tho. He made us feel very welcome by introducing us to things we wouldn’t have seen other than in the markets e.g. the milk fruits and spent his own money treating us to these new things. (Mrs. Eileen Harding & Mr. Robert Harding) – Travelled in Jan, 2012

Mr. Bui Van Khoa

Mr. Khoa is not only a great guide with an abundance of knowledge, he is a wonderful human being with so much compassion and care about his people and his country and for those he is guiding. For the entire week my brother and I had the privilege of being with there was never a single moment Mr Khoa was not there to give us great service. Be assured Mr Khoa is a top guide (Mr. Wayne Bond & Mr. Raymond Bond) – Travelled in Sep, 2010

Mr. Khoa – Excellent guide. Knowledgeable and very friendly. (Mr. Mark Roffman & Mrs. Ina Roffman) – Travelled in Dec, 2010

In Siem Reap:
Mr. Pheara

Pheara was also an excellent guide, with detailed knowledge of the temples in Siem Reap. He was very patient, kind and sensitive to our needs and flexible with our schedule, when the weather was very hot. He took us to a part of Tonle Sap Lake which was not frequented by tourist boats and we saw a fishing village and floating school and petrol station, which was an eye opening experience and showed us how many Vietnamese live happy, productive lives despite their poverty. (Mrs. Barbara Cake and Group) – Travelled in March, 2011

Mr. Pheara: What a wonderful guide and a wonderful person. Very helpful. (Mrs. Marian Lowenfish & Group) – Travelled in Feb, 2012

Mr. Pheara is gracious and sincere; very knowledgeable about temple history, sculptural significance (Mr. Alan Steed & Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Although he was the quietest of the tour guides, but we really liked his demeanor. He was very knowledgeable about Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat area. Gayl really enjoyed the trip to Bantey Srey, the landmine museum and buying the sticky rice (Amok) on the road. (Ms. Laura Kim and Group) – Travelled in Sep, 2012

Mr. Nara

Mr. Nara Excellent guide. Knowledgeable and very friendly. Since we completed viewing the temples he made arrangements for a boat trip on Tonle Sap as well as the artisan complex. (Mr. Mark Roffman & Mrs. Ina Roffman) – Travelled in Dec, 2010

He was a mind of facts and figures – another very good and keen photographer who knew the best shots to recommend to us. His knowledge on the Angkor complex was second to none and again he was extremely accommodating, stopping off at different places to maximise our experience i.e. stopping off at the landmines museum. (Mrs. Eileen Harding & Mr. Robert Harding) – Travelled in Jan, 2012

Mr. Nara is an excellent guide – very knowledgeable, understandable and generally helpful and enjoyable to have as a guide. Probably the best of all the guide and understandable that he does many jobs for the Raffle hotel. Another good driver. (Ms. Rosemary Davies & Mr. Diderik Schonheyder) – Travelled in Jan, 2013

In Bangkok:

Ms. Jum Excellent guide. Knowledgeable and very friendly. Easily adapted from guiding 2 people to 6 people. Provided insight into life in Bangkok. Easily altered arrangements so that we could take a boat trip. Since we were with Ms Jum for 3 days we were able to develop a wonderful relationship with her. She is a very special person as well as an excellent guide. (Mr. Mark Roffman & Mrs. Ina Roffman) – Travelled in Dec, 2010