Responsible Travel

  • We at Travel East understand that as an organization it has an obligation to operate in a responsible manner and to promote the ideals of responsible travel to our participants.
  • It is fundamental to us that our programmes actively improve and benefit the local environment and communities in which we operate.
  • Our working operations and procedures include a commitment to minimize impact upon the natural environment through policies that include recycling and energy efficiency schemes.

Travel East’s commitment to local cultures and communities

Our aims where possible are to work with locally owned and managed partner organizations so that economic benefit and skills acquisition are channelled directly into the local community. For example:

  • We use local guides in each region instead of throughout-the-country guides as they’re familiar with their homeland, including local culture, history, environmental issues and other challenges related to the travels.
  • We use locally-owned accommodation where possible.
  • We use locally-owned services and local products where possible.
  • We use services with less impact on the environment.
  • We train our staff to make our activities more positive.
  • We encourage our participants to support us during their tours.
  • We supporting local and international NGOs and other community-based tourism development project.
  • We consider the economic, political and cultural impacts on a host destination and the benefits to both the local host community and the programme participant when assessing new programme destinations.
  • The potential impact upon local communities is taken into consideration when we evaluate the number of participants to be sent to a destination.
  • All participants on our programme are provided with arrival orientations and programme specific literature to ensure that participants are fully informed and prepared for life and integration into a new culture and country.

Travel East’s commitment to the environment

We understand that its operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.


We understand that a primary part of its environmental strategy is sustainable waste management. We therefore have policies to reduce the consumption of, and incorporate the recycling and responsible disposal. For example:

  • We use re-cycled papers, printer toners and facsimile film in the office where possible
  • Redundant office furniture, computers and all other stationeries are donated for re-use in schools and community organizations in remote areas

Energy Use

We understand that a primary part of its environmental strategy is the responsible management of energy consumption. Our aim is to reduce consumption by promoting staff awareness of the organization’s energy conservation policy. For example:

  • Reducing unnecessary lighting
  • Switching off of electrical equipment when not required
  • Recycling as many articles as possible

How Travel East’ participants can play their part

All Travel East participants should be prepared to respect the local culture and traditions of their host country. However there are many other ways in which our participants can ensure they are travelling in a responsible manner. This can include something as simple as learning a few words of the local language to buying local produce to offsetting the carbon emissions produced by your flight.